Greetings from Maggie Bras
Welcome to our 8th edition of the BRAS Drug Development Program’s newsletter. It has been twelve years since I lost my husband Robert to cancer, and I marvel at how the years move so quickly.During Robert’s battle with cancer, we grew frustrated with the lack of new drugs available to target his cancer. In our frustration, we asked the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation what we could do to change this. Their answer was to create an endowment in drug development within Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, with Dr. Malcolm Moore at its helm. And so we did. Sadly Robert did lose his battle, but we did not lose our dream of helping others with cancer. Since his death on September 4, 2002, Robert’s dream has become a reality.

The Bras Drug Development Program has become the largest program in Canada, and one of the top 5 in the world. We are dedicated to conducting early phase clinical trials involving patients with advanced cancer. Our program has had a global impact on cancer research, by providing personalized cancer care, giving the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

In this edition of our newsletter, we will meet two patients who have benefited from drug trials, but we are also going to learn how they are living their lives with cancer. We will learn how BRAS DDP trains the drug development physicians of the future; we will find out what genomics is; if we are winning the war on cancer; why immune therapy is showing promise, and be introduced to some of the physicians, and nurses who drive the BRAS Drug Development Program on a daily basis.

Come with me, delve between these pages, and learn about the progress that has been made in cancer therapy in the last 12


Maggie Bras

Maggie Bras
President, Advisory Committee

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